Since its foundation in 1989, BOO HEUNG ENG. were happened to be motivated heavily in the phenomenon of the chronicle dew points fluctuation over the existing plastic desiccant dehumidifying dryers which was called as conventional twin tower and multi carousel dryers. And completely new rotor technology was successfully come in reality in 1999 by us which were consequently patented. It was the first ever invention in the world that completion of such a prominent single rotor solved dew points spikes successfully as well as making adsorption performance higher than it used to and solving many more small problems on enhancing performance greatly with sacrificing nothing. There have been broad ranges of application that BHD dehumidifying dryers adapted so far now. Mostly BHD were adapted for the PET industry of which are generally considered of the most tough materials that may highly be affected hydrolysis during melt phase and requires extreme dehumidifying condition for proper good quality products. Those were PET and its kinds in special and its fiber production in variety and recently with its advanced specification such as PET G and low melt PET, and PLA as a verities and so on. and PMMA, PC either. Our BHD dryers have been adapted for the most of critical application like Optical Fiber, and Lens production as well. As a close job relation in serving the industry, a various blender and dosing units are available at our scope of supply. PET/PLA crystallizer and some other material handling equipment can be supplied with the best might of our efforts.

Hope to those of you may all the best be with you always.

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Kim Cheon Gon / President


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